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Kitchener’s Stormwater Utility

In June 2010 City of Kitchener Council approved the implementation of a “tiered flat fee” stormwater rate structure based upon a property’s impervious area ― a first for Canada. Kitchener (pop.  215,000) is located in southwestern Ontario and has stormwater infrastructure assets valued at $300M covering a land mass of about 137 square kilometres. Several environmental study reports recommended implementationRead the rest of this page »

Social Networks Effects in Training and Education

At the recent Moodlemoot 2013, a user conference for the Moodle learning management system, Terry Anderson and Jon Dron, of Athabasca University, talked about the constraints of current day learning management systems and the impacts of social media. Social media, helps to address a person’s need to belong to “groups, nets and sets”, as Anderson and Dron call them. ARead the rest of this page »

Enough with “old school” training…

Welcome to Two Point Oh! Are you  sold on “old school” workshops where the instructor drones on about their life experience? Do you wonder how you’re going to catch up work? It may have been a good networking experience, but did I really learn anything that I can apply in reality? Your organization may have already adopted some “in the can” on-line training,Read the rest of this page »

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