Enough with “old school” training…

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Are you  sold on “old school” workshops where the instructor drones on about their life experience? Do you wonder how you’re going to catch up work? It may have been a good networking experience, but did I really learn anything that I can apply in reality?

Your organization may have already adopted some “in the can” on-line training, to meet certain regulations. It certainly is cost efficient, but is it effective? Was it just another digital slide show with sub-titles? Did you begin to ask yourself when can I do the quiz and be done with this?

The move away from traditional class room training has been happening for some time now. There have been significant strides made in information technology, particularly in the delivery of high resolution media via the internet and software development to delivery educational content to the learner. But ensuring that the learning experience delivers what you expect, requires something that is centred around the learner and designed to achieve results.

Our objective is to develop e-learning programs that will produce positive results for your organization. We can identify gaps in your corporate learning strategy and present tangible solutions for implementation. We also work with training suppliers to re-design their current “face to face” training so that it can adapt to the an e-learning environment.

We can help you create meaningful e-learning solutions for your organization’s training programs. We are here to introduce you to the reality that well designed e-learning solutions produce superior results compared to “old school” training.

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