Learning Management Systems

learning management signA Learning Management Systems (LMS) is frequently used in the provision of adult learning/training in many small and large government and business organizations. They are used to provide standardized training modules, completion-tracking, essential content for achieving stated competencies, various enrolment and payment options,  and use social and collaborative features for discussions or projects.

An online training platform can be used to maintain a high level of training at a reduced cost( travel, time missed in office, etc).

Some of the ways an LMS can be used in your organization include:

    • Mandatory yearly human resource training
    • Introductory or orientation training
    • Public and internal document depositories
    • Centralize FAQ’s
    • Learner assessments and certifications
    • Blended learning – reducing face time with asynchronous pre and post online trainings
    • Custom “courses” offered by consultants to their clients or to the public

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