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RAIN Guide Visit at Haceinda Sarria 2

The RAIN Business Guide training program would utilize a blended training approach where “face to face” training would be combined with an e-learning experience. Using this approach, training would be delivered through the use of the internet and then reinforced through “face to face” workshops. Portions of the knowledge will be transferred utilizing both the SLOWRAIN website, as well as MOODLE an open source learning management software (LMS) application.

The scope of work included a completed RAIN Business Guide Training Program designed and coded using Moodle for 15 learners. This training aligns with the existing business processes developed at REEP Green Solutions and is designed to produce positive results. The RAIN Business Guide training program would be REEP Green Solutions’ property to utilize and re-use in the future. Trained guides were in the field immediately after training to deliver RAIN Business Visits to industrial and commercial sector property owners during 2014.

The Program will achieve the following learning objectives:

  1. Value the importance of source water protection
  2. Understand basic functions of stormwater management
  3. Complete the RAIN Business Guide Assessment

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